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30 min single-camera comedy


Who do you become when you hit share? When a plus-size woman suddenly finds herself the face of a social media movement, she and her mixed bag of internet-savvy friends jump on the train to self-discovery and internet fame.

Kate Stewart has always been a fierce and loyal go-to gal – especially when using her behind the scenes talents as an event producer to shine the spotlight at those around her. But when a public exposé from her ex makes her the unsuspecting plus-size face of a social media movement, her boss is all over the free press and milking it for all its worth—which, by the way, also means putting Kate front and center by turning her into an Influencer. It might not be the career pivot Kate was looking for, but if it punches her entrepreneurial v-card and lands her the spot at the head of the table she’s always wanted, she’s in. With help from her social media-savvy friends, all on internet journeys of their own, she’s gonna boss up and crush this influencer thing – and her ex’s reputation, while she’s at it.

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30 min animated series


One passionate experience designer is out to automate the world and prove that robots can be just as human as people. Unfortunately for her, these robots may actually prove her right.

Amy Shin, the only experience designer at New York AI firm TwentyOne Tech, blackmails her way into leading the human experience portion of the company’s new intelligent automation line. She uproots from New York to Detroit and is a complete fish out of water at Wagner Automotive, her new homebase. The day the bots are set to go live, Amy goes rogue and enlists help from David, her programmer friend in NYC, to give all the bots a “human” personality. When the implementation doesn’t go the way they’d hoped, they realize there’s no going back. Now they’ll have to figure out how to rein the bots back in before the bosses notice, and they’re all fired. Here goes null!

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30 min single-camera drama


One woman’s journey to shake her angsty AF hallucination will either blow up her life—or save it.  

Shit is fucked up for Frances Lago. Things were all well and good until her boss started demanding more at work, her boyfriend started pressuring her to take the next step in their relationship, and, oh yeah, that whole witnessing-a-gruesome-murder-of-a-close-friend thing. To top it all off, she’s like, 99% sure a hallucination of an over-opinionated teen keeps following her around with some Jiminy Cricket nonsense about her choices. Fucking life, amirite? Fueled by fear, grief, and a healthy dose of goddamn annoyance, Frances is determined to keep it together while slowly realizing the murder may be impacting her more than she allows anyone, including herself, to see. Eventually, she’ll have to choose between keeping up the façade or getting a grip on her sanity.

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